• To impart a pivotal role in coordinating matters between Province of Balochistan and Federation/ Provinces, so as to bring forth view-point of Balochistan after proper deliberation/consultation.
  • Ensuring due reciprocity with Administrative departments for timely disposal of cases through existing Federal/Provincial frameworks.
  • Formulation of coherent policy responses on cases referred by the CCI/ IPCC to attain optimal efficacy of Inter-governmental forums
  • Through effective cross-sectoral coordination, to build capacity of departmental Focal Persons in compilation of Provincial status on GSP.


  • General Coordination between the Federal Government and the Provinces in economic, social and administrative fields.
  • Promoting uniformity of approach in formulation of policies and their implementation by the Provinces and the Federal Government in all fields of common national concern.
  • Discussion of policy issues emanating from the Provinces that have economic, social or administrative implications for the country as a whole.
  • Coordination with Ministries/Agencies concerned to evolve suitable response to criticism of Government policies, program and actions and to project a proper image of the Government.
  • Any other matter referred by a Province or any of the Ministries or Divisions of the Federal Government.
  • Many issues of this Province with the sister Provinces and Federal Government have been resolved through inter Provincial Coordination Committee (IPCC).The provincial Department use to refer to this department their issues with sister provinces and Federal Government for placement of the same before the forum of IPCC for resolution.